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February 21, 2009

9:41 PM

The Waters of Your Bath

The Waters of Your Bath

If I were the waters of your bath

I would surround you with mellow warmth and liquid love

Like a frolicking childish wave on the sandy shore
I would dash and break upon the firmness of your body
Engulf and moisten all the places I dream of
If I were the waters of your bathe

I would memorize each and every minute
I would take your shape, mode myself
to your every curve your every indentation
I would roll on, over and off your satin skin
If I were the waters of your bathe

I would send part of me to gather in the recess of your navel
There, my temperature would rise to match yours
and like plants of the sea I would move your body hairs
In and out with the tide created by your movements playfully
I would slash against your thighs and become very intimate with your nature
If I were the waters of your bathe

I would cleanse you as my ancestors the rivers and lakes cleansed your ancestors
But even more, when you leave and pull the plug
I would defy the natural order of things
And stay and await your naked return.

author unknown

a favorite of mine
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Posted by The Original Author,:

Thank you, I Love the additional phrases added.. I've posted this poem on several different sites..This poem was even in Readers Digest in a poetry contest..I Love seeing that it was your Favorite..:) Peace & Love to You...
May 5, 2012 @ 11:21 AM

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